Cancer Man and Virgo Woman

When water of Cancer man and earth of Virgo woman meets each other Cancer man and Virgo woman create nourishing relationship with each other. There is a constant exchange of love and care between them. They both have respect for one another and their qualities.


Cancer man: Cancer man is careful and sensitive person. He takes great care while doing anything. He does not want to hurt people with his act. He is intelligent person with ability and wish to dominate on others. He also has caring and helpful nature. He is ambitious and hard working person. He may also show rare patience to achieve his goals. He is romantic person with charming smile on face. He can attract any woman with his kind and generous nature. He can become moody sometimes which can cause minor problems in his relationship.

Virgo woman: Virgo woman is careful observer of things and she can easily find out the flaws in it. She is calm in nature. She has steady and intelligent person. She is also well organized person with particular method of doing any job. She is highly practical person which helps her to achieve perfection in every task she does. She often feels pity on others for not having such ability to achieve success. She will extend her arm for help but she may also point out the mistakes of people. She fails to understand that such gesture can hurt people. She just tries to be honest with people and causes problems. Virgo woman may lack emotional side as she is more concern about achieving perfection in her work.

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman

Virgo woman is realistic person but she can understand the dreamy nature of Cancer man. She tries to bring him out of his confusion with her practical nature. Cancer man will appreciate this quality of her. He also likes her emotionally controlled and clever personality. He may find her critical sometimes but he likes her honesty. He can ask her any doubts and she will give systematic answers to it. Virgo woman easily gives answer to Cancer man which can make him feel that she is not serious while answering his questions. He can also get hurt due to harsh words of Virgo woman. 

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Cancer man admires Virgo woman for her particularity and well organized nature. He also gives her freedom to do what is right for both of them. His openness and funny nature makes her feel comfortable around him. Cancer man likes to lead in relationship; he will at least try to manage Virgo woman. Virgo woman may not like it sometimes but she admires his support. She may feel annoyed due to possessiveness of Cancer man. Cancer man and Virgo woman both are compatible with each other but they will need to have patience to take this relationship ahead. When they start accepting each other, they try not to do things which can hurt their partner.

Cancer man provides the comfortable life while Virgo woman gives stability to their relationship. Cancer man learns to express his feelings while Virgo woman becomes sensitive towards him. Cancer man and Virgo woman relationship can have minor problems but with better understanding they can easily solve them. Cancer man often shows detached nature which can make Virgo woman go mad at him. Similarly, Cancer man can get hurt due critical nature of Virgo woman. They have many common traits which hold them together forever. Click for Astrology Compatibility Report

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